How to Complete Your Home Improvements Through Personal Loans

Smaller personal loans can help address timely needs, including house repairs and home improvements that may be outside your regular budget. You can usually get the funds on the same day of your application and requirements approved in minutes to address these sudden needs. The loan will have flexible arrangements based on your current finances and capability.

If you’re thinking of getting a short-term loan to get that basement area fixed or spruce up that extra room in your house, then these details about home improvement loans can help you set up one today.

Getting a Home Improvement Loan

Most home improvement loans usually won’t be for huge major expenses, but they can still cut out a large chunk of your monthly budget, especially with the extra fees and high interest. Many home improvement loans might not be a high-priority case, but they are needed to improve your daily living conditions. Some of them may be pending repairs or renovations that need to get done immediately. Some of these projects may vary from roof repairs, plumbing system replacements, building new spaces or rooms, or even creating additions for your house.

Banks and lending institutions know that many people could use small personal loans to finally finish these pending projects. But borrowers may not be aware of the easier terms set by banks for home improvement loans.

Low-Risk Terms for Home Improvement Loans

The good news is home improvement loans operate on terms similar to short-term personal loans. Personal loans applied for home improvement projects have a fixed monthly repayment amount within a stretched period to keep it light and convenient for your budget. There’s also no required collateral, so they are unsecured loans with no extra conditions. There are also no hidden transaction fees included. Still, there would be slightly higher interest rates in place.

Upon your application, these types of loans are often assessed and approved within minutes as long as you submit all requirements. Banks aim for a same-day process and release so you can answer your home improvement needs immediately. The installment loans shouldn’t stack up so high financially since these are short-term loans ranging from $200 up to $2000 to keep risk low and the terms easy for most borrowers.

The requirements needed are similar to personal loans, which include proper identification documents like your license or state ID, a certain period’s worth of payment stubs, benefits, or other sources of stable income, references, and mail that shows permanent residency under your name.

Of course, it’s important to make sure the lender you’re applying to is reputable and will give you the best loan terms possible. Do your due diligence and consider multiple options before making a final decision.


People may be hesitant to borrow a small amount to finally get home renovations and extra work done. Home-related loans are thought to be riskier and lead to debt traps due to added transaction fees and higher repayment terms, in addition to stricter requirements. But these loans are usually within the same amounts and terms as short-term personal loans, so banks have made them at the same level to help address your needs efficiently.

Magnolia Finance Co. offers you ,unsecured personal loans in Memphis, TN, that you can use to address pending house projects and renovations. Your loan is within a controlled range that will be light on your wallet with no fees and a fixed and affordable payment plan. If other institutions are too heavy for you, give us a call, and we will devise a better loan for you!