Loan Smart: When is the Best Time to Take Personal Loans

When is it a good idea to take out a personal loan? They can be costly, but they are sometimes the best financial solution.

You can use a personal loan for nearly anything. Some lenders will ask what you plan to accomplish with the money, while others will merely check your ability to pay it back. Personal loans are far from cheap, so you need to practice smart loaning strategies.

There are several reasons to take out a personal loan, and here are some of the most common that may apply to you:

1. When Your Credit Score is Good

When your credit score is excellent, and you have a solid income, a personal loan can be a reliable way to get the financing you want. You may want to take this route if you need cash quickly or your credit limit is lower than you’d like it to be.

This is also great for anyone who can avoid damaging their credit score for significant purchases. Finding a personal loan instead of a credit card can help preserve your credit score, as long as you will diligently pay it back.

2. When You Only Need a Small Amount of Money

Personal loans are a great way to get a small amount of cash, especially for those working part-time and having little or no income.

Payday, income, and lottery loans can be tempting, but they have various drawbacks. Personal loans are a much better choice in this instance as they are cheap and easy to find.

Like gas stations and grocery stores, some businesses offer cash advances online, meaning you can get the money in a few minutes. Sometimes, you can even get cash directly from your bank or credit union.

3. When You Have a Specific Urgent Roadblock

Sometimes, people need a certain amount of money right now, but they cannot get it. If you are in a bind, you may want to consider a personal loan.

If you have had a credit card declined, a personal loan can come in handy. Although you may not have the best interest rate or be able to pay it off for a long time, getting a personal loan can be a smart move.

4. When You Are Seeking a Bridge Loan

Classified as a short-term loan, a bridge loan can cover a gap between a loan that has ended and a new loan scheduled to begin. These loans are often needed to cover the costs of a home transition, like when someone is selling their house and moving into a new one.

If you have a short-term bridge loan that has ended and need to get from there to a long-term mortgage, taking out a personal loan may be a good idea.

5. When You Can Repay It in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Taking out a personal loan is a serious decision. Before you apply, consider how you plan to pay it back. Ensure that you have a plan in place for paying it off, or you will not only be paying for the loan itself, you will also be paying for the interest that you do not pay off.

Some Considerations Before Taking a Personal Loan

Don’t forget to compare the terms and conditions of the various personal loan firms. A personal loan’s interest rate might vary greatly. A low-interest rate is helpful if you have good credit to save money.

Moreover, the terms of your loan will determine the overall amount due and how it is paid back. Some personal loans are repaid in monthly installments, while others are repaid all at once.


Personal loans can be a smart choice, but they are not always the right option. Before committing to a personal loan, it is crucial to consider your options. If you are struggling to repay a personal loan, contact a legal professional to help you understand your rights as a borrower.

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